A bizarre message by the Dean of Faculty of Laws, Ivan Mifsud

First of all, I want to make this disclaimer to anyone coming forward with stories on Ray Mangion: your anonymity is guaranteed.

Secondly, my story on Ray Mangion is confirmed by multiple sources whom in no way or situation will I ever reveal, nor in a court of law or in any place or circumstance.

Thirdly, the latest report on sexual harassment by Ray Mangion was made in 2020 before he left for his sabbatical and the report was made to a high official of the University and not to the Faculty of Laws.

The Faculty of Laws has confirmed that this is not the first time that Ray Mangion has been accused of sexual harassment. Apparently, the dean of the faculty of laws, Ivan Mifsud sent this message to all of the student organisations.

Lastly, I will not let go of this story. Ray Mangion is a well-known sexual predator who has been covered by friends and political allies. To those of you who are making implicit or explicit threats to me in relation to this story, you should understand that doing so is not a game, but a very serious business and you don’t afford it. I am being very diplomatic.

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