The government’s propagandists are out in force

The Labour Party’s pro0pogandists are out in force to defend the government and its inaction over the fraudulent public hospitals’ deal. Here is the corrupt government’s technocrat on planning and construction, Robert Musumedci trying to find all the excuses in the world to apologise for Labour and Joseph Muscat. They are unrepentant and feel no sense of shame or remorse. It’s business as usual with lies, deceit and fake narratives.

Then there is Saviour Balzan’s opinion piece where he writes that Joseph Muscat “allowed this fraud to happen” – the usual and typical Labour narrative that Joseph Muscat, the poor sod was conned. Balzan continues with some further mental contortions by trying to distinguish between Robert Abela and Joseph Muscat as if Robert Abela didn’t take power to cover up for Joseph Muscat and his dirty deals. Everyone is a victim in the Labour Party. Jaħasra.

Expect many more lies and fake narratives produced with money pumped into the press and the public broadcaster by the government to force out its fake narratives through its propagandists. Labour is now desperate.

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