No turning back

Many were the readers who used to tell me in an exasperated spirit that I was being too optimistic about Labour’s demise. People always make the same problem of fixating on the present while ignoring the long course of time in the future which will inevitably bring many unknown changes. Ever since the court judgment on the fraudulent public hospitals deal, Maltese politics has changed for good, and I was right. Now, polls show that Labour is in free fall. There is another thing that I will add to my theory about the court judgment has changed everything. Now, that Labour’s support is in free fall there is no turning back.

Robert Abela and the Labour Party have chosen to govern our nation by fraud and deceit, and practically, by building a fake narrative which is completely discordant with reality. On every issue and problem, Robert Abela and the Labour Party will use the script of fake bullshit as they cover up the crimes of their friends while seeking their personal interest. On every single case and issue. Electrogas? The government can’t do anything: there are legal and contractual obligations. Jeanpaul Sofia? The government can’t do a public inquiry. A contractor convicted of killing a woman in her house during excavation works? Let’s give him public contracts. And the list goes on and on. And for every issue and situation, there is a bullshit script of pathetic lies. Yet, the demographic is not getting more stupid. Robert Abela and the Labour Party can govern as long as they can buy votes with a system of government patronage while running the government with false narratives that are only believable by the semi-literate audience of ONE that still cheers for Joseph Muscat. Robert Abela’s politics is aimed at these people, yet this demographic is a dying breed and Robert Abela is running out of time. It’s not just PN that has a demographic problem. In fact, the Labour Party’s demographic problem may eventually be even much worse than the PN’s.

Stagnation awaits the Labour Party because acting and serving as a criminal organization in government is increasingly less tolerated by younger and more well-read generations. And the pathetic lies, pretences and theatre are all easily debunked.  Labour is not aware of the time bomb which it awaits because Robert and his stooges are still high on power, believing they are untouchables and entitled to power. Eventually, Labour’s problem will be existential.

However, the panic in Robert shows and his script is also beginning to change slightly. The fucking imbecile and useless clown, said in an interview today at the Labour Party’s radio channel, that he was always tough with Steward and that now, he is going to ask them for the money back. Sure, after doing nothing at all, saying repeatedly that “the government has to honour its legal contracts”, and letting all of civil society and the Opposition do all the work to unravel this fraud, now the imbecile wants the credit. By the way, where were you Police Commissioner Angelo Gafa? Another fucking imbecile and corrupt goon. Now, Robert is going to ask them for the money back, but only after he realised that looking after the interest of the public is, surprise, surprise, something which the electorate would vote for. After three years in government, Robert Abela finally realised that he is in politics to work in the public interest. The half-man, half-child, can’t even be more callous if he wanted to.

At the end of the day, it’s not about the public interest and it’s about Robert trying to win some points after he has a figment of realisation that somewhere along the line he fucked up. We’re still at the same place where we were before: a civil society trying to unravel corruption and build back the country while the government covers up for a long extension of criminals and corrupt deals. People are not stupid as Robert thinks they are. No one is going to believe that Robert Abela has got strong on corruption only after he was compelled to take action through a court case initiated by the Opposition. On every other single case of corruption and fraud, Robert Abela will stick to his previous script: “We have to respect the law and our contractual obligations”, whatever that means.

We are at peak idiocracy and finally, it feels that we are successfully rebuilding the country despite all the efforts of Robert and his criminal party to do otherwise. Now, all that Robert has got left is an authoritarian discourse, patronage and dictatorial scaremongering. That’s why during the interview he accuses the Nationalist Party of intending to damage the economy. Sure, this fraudster and grifter who used to make insider deals at the Planning Authority and has spent three years as Prime Minister defending corruption and his corrupt friends, is accusing the Nationalists of intending to destroy the economy. Unaware that he is making a fool of himself by accusing the same Party responsible for bringing back the public hospitals to the public of destroying the economy, Robert backs up his accusation by saying that only his team of 40 thieves and opportunists are competent enough to manage the economy in Malta.

Hilarious. Imagine that, to think that the only people in this country competent enough to manage our economy are, the propagandist Miriam Dalli and the government bureaucrat Clyde Caruana. Imagine even believing this shit and saying it in public. And you think that the Labour Party doesn’t have a demographic problem? Just wait for it. Labour’s demographic problem is going to be worse than the Nationalists’. Fucking clowns.

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