Is Robert Abela still making insider deals with his friends?

When Robert Abela was the Planning authority’s lawyer, Robert used insider information to favour his then-client, fraud and criminal, Christian Borg. For that deal, Robert Abela earned €45,000. Likewise, there must be a Labour middle-man who took a payment from Simon Muscat’s bargain purchase of part of Gżira’ shoreline. Simon Muscat was also one of Robert Abela’s clients when Robert was the PA’s lawyer.

Simon Muscat intends to expand his petrol station into a public garden with an application fronted by the Labour Party’s President, and tuna lobbyist, Ramona Attard. Gżira’s mayor, Conrad Borg Manche who is also from the Labour Party, is opposing the project, but the Labour Party’s main candidate in the Gżira district is Rebecca Buttiġieġ and on the petrol station’s relocation, the Party has had no position, yet.

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