Our village idiot in Brussels

Alex Agius Saliba

Straight from his mother’s bedroom to big-league politics, Alex Agius Saliba, Labour’s current favourite MEP by votes, is also the most insane and idiotic. Gradually he is beginning to resemble a MAGA-type alternative-right-wing-conspiracist with ideas and statements such as Malta should have stayed neutral in World War 2 (Malta was heavily bombed by the Nazis during WW2), and that the European Parliament is not doing anything for peace in Ukraine. Soon, Alex may join the looney train of Clare Daly and David Wallace.

Now, Alex Saliba is accusing the European Parliament President, Roberta Metsola of withholding a European Parliament Delegation to Greece and doing nothing about corruption in Greece.  Yet, Robert Metsola, who is Maltese and not Labour, and therefore the target of Alex’s ire, has no say whatsoever on the LIBE committee’s decisions. The decision to postpone the visit was caused by the EPP’s decision not to participate, but Metsola has no say whatsoever in what the EPP decides.

So, Alex wants to pick up a fight with Roberta Metsola as a distraction while in Malta the law courts have just officially unravelled the biggest case of political fraud and corruption in history. It’s like the village idiot trying to cover up his master of robbing the whole village as he blames the priest or a respected elder for not giving enough attention to the sins of the dwellers of another distant village. Alex is a pure, hardened and unashamed traitor of the nation – a pseudo-socialist who has built a career defending and fighting for criminals. Useless, fickle, disloyal, dishonest, idiotic and criminal.

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