Project Rent Seeking Paradise

After Labour’s seven-year road-works project, in order to keep dishing out public funds through public works to its donors and activists, the Labour Party has made Project Green. Some major Labour donors have even set up companies specifically to apply for funds for this project. So, there is little surprise at the fact that one of the first recipients of the public funds earmarked for Project Green is in fact the deputy leader of the Labour Party himself, Daniel Micallef.

Just recently, Daniel Micallef was extolling the virtues of unity under Robert Abela’s leadership in his attempt to stifle g controversy over the relocation of a petrol station into a public garden. Project Green, indeed. More like Project Sent Seeking Paradise.

Note, that Miriam Dalli, who has the ambition to take over the leadership of the Labour Party after Robert Abela decides to leave, has all the major portfolios which are directly related to the very large outflow of government funds into either corrupt contracts (Electrogas), or the government’s top-priority public projects (Project Green).

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