Jeremy Camilleri is lying about his job

Allow me to write a quick note on Jeremy Camilleri’s change of job from the GWU to the government, since this unofficial Labour spokesperson is now calling Labour critics opportunists. Jeremy Camilleri has left the General Workers’ Union because he says that the Union is too much influenced and controlled by Labour. This is the first time I am hearing this from him. As I said, Jeremy and I were friends before he cut contact with me after Robert Abela won the Labour leadership race. I remember him very well when he switched jobs with the government, and back then I was surprised at his move given he was very passionate about the Union.

However, Jeremy was passed over for any promotion in the Union and eventually, being unhappy with his low salary, switched to public service. I don’t recall where is he right now (if my memory serves me right he is working as consultant for Chris Fearne). What I am absolutely sure of, however, is that Jeremy never mentioned to me any political grievances about the Union and he only said that he wanted to find something better in life.

The General Workers’ Union survives on government contracts and subsidies and has been controlled by Labour ever since John Attard Kingswell left the Union in the 1960s or the 1970s if memory serves me right. Quite strange to complain about Labour’s influence on the Union when you think, that after all, Labour is doing the right thing.

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