The deputy-leader of the Labour Party replies to the mayor of Gżira with a Soviet-style message

At this stage, I don’t know if Labour officials are acting the way they do because they have a very low IQ, or because they no longer have any shame for willfully embracing their role in society as members of the cult of Robert Abela. However, I am definitely sure that they are aware that by now they are running a government involved in criminal conspiracies led by an authoritarian leader.

Well, you can’t expect Labour to turn a new leaf as it covers up corruption on a massive scale. Once you are involved in criminal conspiracies of a very large nature, such as covering up for the politicians who defrauded the nation by selling its public hospitals, the only option for you to survive in any way as a respected member of society is to hold on to power. It’s like Hotel California now. They know that their only options are either to keep greasing it by extending their time in power as much as they could, or lose the elections and face political and public irrelevance as the country begins to normalise itself. The thing is that once Labour loses power, our country would be so much better that we would be looking back at these years as a truly bizarre experience of “never again”.

By now, Labour is so void of moral principles that even its own internal discourse is reduced to propaganda theatre. Deputy-leader of the Labour Party, Daniel Micallef has just replied publicly to the criticism made by  Conrad Borg Manché over the government’s project to extend a petrol station into a public garden by publishing a Soviet-style propaganda message on Facebook extolling the Dear Leader. The application for the relocation was previously fronted by Robert Abela as the lawyer to the applicant and the application is now being fronted by Labour Party president Ramona Attard.

Labour can’t get any better at fulfilling its stereotype as a criminal organisation.

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