Don’t be fooled by Rebecca Buttigieg

Rebecca Buttiġieġ is Robert Abela’s stooge and she is currently being pushed by the Labour Party to overshadow the progressive Labour Rebel, Conrad Borg Manché.  She is in the same district as Conrad and she is the Party’s favourite to be used as the Party’s candidate in the district that will eventually, push Conrad out into the shadows. Daniel Micallef knows this very well and this is why he is being dastardly dishonest with his propogandistic “calls for unity”.

Rebecca Buttiġieġ is Labour’s pinkwashing and “civil liberties” candidate and as of lately, you may have read about her in the press as she defends a theatrical play for children on gender identity. Labour is going to bring up the gender identity issue constantly so as to pinkwash its totalitarianism. This is the same government which is covering up massive fraud and corruption and pushing laws to destroy the press. Don’t be fooled by these non-issues. I recommend the Nationalist Party to immediately drop this pseudo-controversy so as not to allow Labour to deflect attention from the crisis we are going through.

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