Yes, I am biased

Yes, I am biased. That is why I am not writing about Chris Fearne and his relation to the Vitals and Steward deals. There are plenty of other bloggers and journalists who are digging into his sins. They are my friends and I support them in their work. But I won’t be hitting on Fearne myself. He’s my friend and I am only human. I may agree with some things said against him but I won’t be doing so myself.

Fearne is the last anchor there is in Labour of the Robert Abela opposition. My relationship with Fearne developed because we had a common adversary. For me, Robert Abela wasn’t just an adversary for the leadership of the Labour Party – Robert Abela was the reason why I eventually lost my job and had to change my life. So, of course, I was and still am friends with Fearne. Once Fearne is gone, Robert Abela will have absolutely no one left in the cabinet who can contradict him. This also means that things will only get worse in the Labour Party as Robert Abela will tighten his control as Chris Fearne departs.

I am not perfect as a human. I have many mistakes, but I have always made sure that I am transparent and no one can ever rightfully accuse me of lying or being dishonest. I sleep better that way and I really love sleep.


  1. I respect your honesty in not wanting to attack, politically, Dr. Fearne, him being a person you term as a friend. As you rightly said there are other bloggers who include him with their attack on the remaining Labour hooligans.

    However it would be most appropriate if your friend would stand up against the current band of thieves NOW and not wait, like Varist and Marie Louise Coleiro until they are out of Cabinet!!

  2. Indeed well done and thank you for being transparent. However Fearne is no opposition to Bob the destructor unless he actually stands up to be counted and challenges the system.

    But he will never do what Godfrey and Marlene did as it will mean the end of his political career.

    Hope he sleeps well then cause not doing anything or claiming to do something within the opaqueness of party structure is also a form of betraying our country. You certainly cant call being selfish and self serving elents of public service.

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