The capodecina of Robert Abela meets a convicted “PSYCHO”

Robert Abela’s sister-in-law, Alison Zerafa Civelli, who was made junior minister for local councils and culture, has recently met Xgħajra mayor, Neil Attard for a photo opportunity. It appears that she is touring local councils to take credit for government funds and projects. Alison is one of the dumbest of the Labour bunch, and can’t even manage a boy scouts project, yet she feels entitled enough to patronise residents who can’t have a decent sleep thanks to Robert Abela’s new regulations that allow restaurants to keep playing music until 4 am.

Alison, like the other Labour ministers, is like an illegal tourist in a place she doesn’t belong to – a parasitic intruder that attaches itself to its host as it drains its resources. One of her last visits was to Xagħjra’s local council where its mayor has been convicted of harassing his ex-girlfriend. Apparently, Neil Attard’s ex-wife was so molested by him that she even listed him on her mobile as “PSYCHO”.

Of course, Neil Attard remained Labour’s mayor of Xgħajra after the sentence.

This Mafia State would have been hilarious had it not been tragic.

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