Here’s another Labour rebel that Robert Abela is trying to push out

Gżira mayor, Conrad Borg Manché is another Labour rebel whom Robert Abela has earmarked for exclusion. Here, the mayor says that Robert Abela never spoke to him on the issue of Gżira’s petrol station relocation to a public garden: an application originally submitted by a client of Robert himself. As far as I know, Robert hasn’t even spoken to Conrad at all ever since he became the leader of the party. Robert is a coward and a fool who can’t even bear to face his own critics. He avoids those who speak truth to power because he is insecure and I’m sure he has moments when he stupefies himself at how he got into a position in which he is so unfit for purpose.

Here, I describe Conrad as a rebel in the hyperbolic sense. Rebellion in the Labour Party has become the equivalent of when Labour politicians and activists say and do the right thing. So, being normal in Labour is considered to be rebellious and deviant, while blind devotion to the Leader and garbled fantasies conjured by Labour’s propagandists are the only orthodoxies allowed.

As Gżira’s mayor, Conrad fought to secure public access to Manoel Island and to its coast and lead a long battle against its owners, MIDI. He had enough influence and support in his locality to grab the central government’s attention and eventually, was forced to intervene in the mayor’s favour. Labour is doing an incredibly stupid strategic mistake in forcing him out, but then again, Robert Abela has already wrecked the Labour Party to a point of no return. Conrad will surely have a lot of support wherever he goes and Labour needs him more than Conrad needs Labour.

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