It’s all about them

If you are wondering why the Labour Party and the government are so adamant about defending an obscene project in Gżira where a petrol station will be expanded into a public park, it’s because the owner of the petrol station, Simon Muscat was a client of Robert Abela when Robert was still gifting as a lawyer-insider-dealer at the Planning Authority.

The Labour mayor of Gżira, Conrad Borg Manché, is fighting an application which will see the petrol station of Simon Muscat expand into a public garden in Gżira. Simon Muscat’s new lawyer is the President of the Labour Party, Ramona Attard who is also in the pocket of the tuna lobby.

There was a time in Labour when Party officials dedicated most of their time to building the Party, felling its ideology and organizing its committees and members. Nowadays, a position in the Labour Party is an extension of your career into the rent-seeking regime.

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