If you are fighting the fascists in Malta you are fifteen years late

I do not understand why my old friend, Wayne Flask would fume and frustrate himself as Adrian Delia and his fans chant “Bella Ciao” at PN protests. My statement is rhetorical because I know why Flask would write such rants. As an old Labourite Flask will always have his left-leaning biases, and this is normal – I have them too, and I like Flask, like rekindling old nostalgic feelings about when the Labour Party actually meant something.

Let’s be reasonable, however. Threats of fascist fantasies don’t come from the PN, nor the far-right which has long been subdued. We already face threats of authoritarian realities by our present government. And the same people who sign and dance at “Bella Ciao” during Labour Party festivities, are also the same people who cheered the murder of a journalist.

Wayne, like me, will probably enjoy drinking with friends and stirring up nostalgic feelings of socialist history, but “Bella Ciao” is not used in that spirit any longer, especially since it was popularised across the world with the Netflix series of that communist group that robs the Spanish national bank. The professor or whatever. I have seen some of it and the main character along with his group come off as criminal, psychotic and senseless. I don’t understand why this Netflix character is even considered to be a “good guy” because the group clearly resembles a bunch of villains with no value for human life.

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