Here’s another traitor

The useful idiots, traitors, call them whatever you want. For a long time, Labour has called “traitors” anyone who dared to speak on Labour’s corruption, abroad. It’s time to turn the tables. Here’s the Labour MEP, Josianne Cutajar telling us not to discuss one of the biggest corrupt deals in Maltese history, but to instead speak about positive things.

Josianne Cutajar was elected as an MEP in 2019 after serving as a lawyer to Keith Schembri’s in Castile (Joseph Muscat’s chief of staff). She officially recorded €40,000 in political donations which mostly came from Joseph Portelli. Her undeclared donations were much higher in value including tents which were provided to her for free by a popular Labour contractor, TEC. Her family, known as “Tal-Bajda” in Gozo was given an irregular concession to rent deckchairs in Comino as part of Labour’s fray of corruption surrounding the tiny islet.

The Labour Party is not a political party driven by ideology or principles. It is simply a criminal organisation.

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