Deadly narcissism

Every day, a news item comes out about the narcissistic virtues of Robert Abela. JeanPaul Sofia’s mother, Isabelle Bonnici met the Prime Minister to demand a public inquiry on her son’s death, to which the Prime Minister replied with a long rambling about legal garbage. The Prime Minister tried to impress the mother with some legal nonsense that he made up while declining her request to open a public inquiry. JeanPaul Sofia died in an illegal construction site on government land, developed by criminal and corrupt officials from the government’s Lands Department.

I feel incredibly sorry for this mother who lost her son in this way and is finding no support whatsoever from the leader and the party which dare call themselves Labour. Even in such a testing moment where the principles of the party in government are supposedly obvious, the Prime Minister pulls off a narcissistic act to show grieving women his legal skills. What a truly horrible person.

He’s like a bully, trying to impress vulnerable people from his authoritative position. And he genuinely thinks he is bright. A total imbecile who pretends he practices law when all he did was get paid from corrupt government contracts for work he never did. A truly classic failure of society but propped up by big interests to ultimately serve them. The typical sucker in power who is so insecure that he needs to impress a grieving woman with his legal knowledge and authority.

Recently,  in order to impress us, Prime Minister Robert Abela said he didn’t feel it was safe for his daughter to walk in Valletta alone following reports of teen gangs bullying people. Well, I wonder if he is ready to send his daughter to work at an illegal construction site run by his criminal friends.

The Labour Party for crying out loud. From the shield of the working class to the shield of top-tier criminals. A true scumbag leader leading a criminal organisation.

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