Turning the tables on the real traitors

Continuing with my previous point that last week’s historic court sentence has changed everything, it is important to note that Labour’s authoritarian discourse is now emptier than ever. It is time to turn the tables on Labour’s visceral servants whose role in politics has been mainly concentrated on defending their corrupt masters. Labour has created a regime where businessmen who are against the government are condemned by mobs and subsequently cut off from government support or funding, the press is trampled upon, and politicians from the Opposition are called traitors. We should start turning the tables.

The real traitors aren’t MEPs from the Opposition who invoke EU regulations to preserve what is left of the rule of law in Malta. The real traitors are MEPs like Alex Agius Saliba whose role and track record in politics has been mostly a consistent act of ingratiation towards their corrupt and popular Labour dirigents, namely Konrad Mizzi and Joseph Muscat. Alex Agius Saliba was there when Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri were caught with offshore companies in Panama to hide their bribes: he was defending them. And Alex celebrated Daphne’s murder too: a pea-brained useful idiot who kept rooting for Joseph Muscat even in his last hours.

Alex Agius Saliba is a real traitor. A parasitic youth who exploited Malta’s socialist history and the goodwill of his parents and other veterans Labourites to extend his career and get rich by knowingly and wittingly defending criminals who sold the nation’s assets. A poisoned youth who betrayed the trust given to it by the older generations. The workers of the past built us a country so that Alex and his masters could plunder it. And Alex won’t tell the truth to his parents and to the old generations of Labourites who cheer him. He doesn’t have the courage to look them in the eye and tell them that their Labour leaders have robbed them. He is a sociopath and a traitor – cowardly, vile, narcissistic, useful pea-brained git.

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