They are not ashamed

Joseph Muscat is not ashamed of having defrauded the nation more than €300 million over a corrupt public hospital sale from which he took undisclosed bribes. Days after the historic judgment which condemned the Vitals and Steward deals as fraudulent, Joseph Muscat went for a day out with his wife Michelle and made sure the world got to know about their little outing. They are unashamed and have no regret for pulling off the one biggest corrupt public deals in Maltese history: true and genuine psychopaths.

Neither the Labour Party nor Robert Abela is ashamed of all of this. And from Castile, nothing has changed in terms of disinformation activity. Labour propaganda outlets that are fully subsidised by the government are deflecting the issue of the fraudulent court judgment with fake stories about division within the Nationalist Party – if ever there was a time after the recent years that the Nationalist Party is united, in fact, right now.

Somehow, this is all relieving for Joseph Muscat, Robert Abela and the many other corrupt politicians and bureaucrats because they no longer need to pretend they are legitimate servants of the people. They know that the people know that the Labour Party has become Malta’s biggest criminal organisation and they are even proud of it.

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