A public service operated by criminals

Here’s another example of impunity where Labour’s corrupt apparatchiks and activists are not only given a free pass for their crimes but are even allowed to keep working with the public service.

“Everyone needs to eat.”

This is Frank Fabri, the corrupt bureaucrat who as previous permanent secretary to the Ministry of Education signed a corrupt contract for the Minister’s boyfriend.

Frank Fabri had to resign from his post when the Standards Commissioner recommended him for a criminal investigation along with the Minister, Justyne Caruana.

Frank Fabri wasn’t investigated by the police and instead was rewarded with a new post at the Institute of Tourism Studies as a “General Manager”. Now, Frank is laundering his reputation through Facebook and with meetings like this one with the chamber of Commerce.

The Institute of Tourism is Studies is one of the many government entities and departments which is used as a job provider for Labour’s corrupt apparatchiks whilst also serving as the last stage for the excess bureaucrats who can hardly fit anywhere else in the system. The CEO of the ITS, Pierre Fenech, is also CEO of the Mediterranean Conference Centre (a public entity).

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