The bear humiliated by the fish

Later on, I will be writing on the very serious case of fraudulent Vitals and Steward deals. What is happening in our country right now is alarmingly very serious and the authorities have reached a point where their implied incompetence in failing to arrest the perpetrators of these corrupt deals, is now unraveling to be nothing less or more than outright criminal complicity in protecting criminals. The evidence is there. The court judgment is there. All the ingredients for the arrest and prosecution of a number of politicians starting from Joseph Muscat who received bribes from the same recipients who received the government funds from these fraudulent deals are there. The failure of our authorities to act is no longer a failure: it is a clear case of willing obstruction of justice and the abetting and cover-up of crimes of a very serious nature.

Meanwhile, I am going to content myself with some good news as our man in New York unwittingly humiliated the Russian envoy to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzya as he left his mike on and conversed with his ambassador, Vanessa Frazier on Nebenzya’s request for statement. Malta’s Foreign Affairs Minister Ian Borg was chairing a session of the United Nations Security Council when the Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba requested a minute of silence for the victims of Russian aggression. Nebenzya requested to interject while Ian Borg is heard saying in a derogative idiomatic Maltese, “this guy wants to speak”, which in modern plain English slang would translate to “this (insert your choice of insult here) wants to speak”. After the ambassador advises Borg to let him speak, Borg concludes by telling her “I ignored him” as he is heard sighing mid-way.

Malta changed its position on Ukraine once it took the Presidency of the United Nations Security Council and its new position is in direct contrast to Malta’s previous position as held by Foreign Minister Evarist Bartolo which demanded “peaceful negotiations”. Ian Borg also outlined its position in detail in an article in the Times and although it has some flaws, it is in the right direction. However, his genuine Maltese demeanor at the UNSC revealed what Borg really thinks about the Russians and he definitely doesn’t hold them in any high esteem at all.

It is for the first time that I will literally say “Prosit Ministru” and actually mean it.

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