These were Joseph Muscat’s legal advisors who approved the Vitals fraud

Joseph Muscat

These are the legal advisors engaged by the Office of the Prime Minister whom Joseph Muscat is blaming for green-lighting his public hospitals fraud with Vitals and the eventual transfer to Steward Healthcare.

None of these lawyers have yet made a statement on Muscat’s accusations, and Robert Abela, contradicted his former’s employer’s statement saying he was never involved with these contracts nor with the transfer to Steward Healthcare.

Veronique Dalli (Miriam Dalli’s sister).

Robert Abela.

Josianne Cutajar, now an MEP was a lawyer in Keith Schembri’s office (Keith Schembri was Joseph Muscat’s chief of staff),

Previously mentioned Alex Sciberras wrote to me saying that at no point he was ever consulted on the Vitals and Steward deals.

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