It’s very easy to confirm the extent of the cabinet’s involvement in the Vitals and Steward fraud

Ex-premier Joseph Muscat is shifting the blame on the fraudulent sale of Malta’s public hospitals to Vitals which was later passed on to Steward Healthcare, onto the whole cabinet of ministers. Joseph Muscat even received a bribe after he stepped down from Prime Minister from the recipients which received hundreds of millions of Euros from the Maltese government from the fraudulent public hospitals contracts.

Confirming the extent of the involvement of the cabinet in this Vitals and Steward deals can be confirmed by the cabinet minutes as written by the cabinet secretary of that time, Mario Cutajar. Today’s cabinet secretary is Ryan Spagnol. Previously, Mario Cutajar held the position of both principal permanent secretary and cabinet secretary simultaneously. Today, Mario Cutajar is chairman of Heritage Malta.

Cabinet minutes of Joseph Msucat’s administration should also be made public so that the public is informed of the extent and involvement of other ministers in one of the biggest corrupt deals in Maltese history. So far, the only cabinet minutes available at the National Archives are those which end in 1971 with the George Borg Olivier’s administration. There’s only a small number of cabinet minutes from the 1970s and no cabinet minutes after that time.

Journalists should be asking Mario Cutajar whether he has been interrogated by the police and whether the police have asked for copies of cabinet minutes.

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