Exhibiting the members of the mafia to reassure Labour supporters

For the second week in a row, Robert Abela has exhibited one of the members of Joseph Muscat’s mafia in his regular Sunday sermon to appease Labour supporters in the light of a court case condemning Joseph Muscat of signing away our public hospitals to a fraudulent deal. Edward Żammit Lewis is a good representative of Joseph Muscat’s mafia having conspired with Yorgen Fenech and even taken bribes from him. Last week it was Rosianne Cutajar.

As usual, Robert Abela shouted and screamed throughout his speech as he sweated his through discourse with hallow self-serving and patronising statements of grandiosity. If it wasn’t for Labour that is giving out subsidies, we would be doomed, he says. It’s always and only about subsidies. It’s the only thing he is capable of doing as the state keeps collapsing.

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