Insulting people’s intelligence

Bernice Cilia

You can only be a total imbecile and simultaneously a squalid opportunist to blame the murder of Bernice Cilia on “lack of resources”. Labour has become so accustomed to pretending to successfully fool people that bureaucracy has now become a total sham and a disgraceful way of absolving bureaucrats of their worse mistakes. No one really wants to do anything right in the government, so it seems.

I can not help to express my fury at these stupid claims of “lack of resources”. As an experienced and very successful executive in the government bureaucracy, I can tell you with absolute confidence that these are lies of a totally obscene nature. Everyone in the government is constantly experiencing a “lack of resources”, but it is not an excuse for your outright and sheer incompetence. And I have no regrets to brag and use my authority to say this: what Byron Camilleri and Angelo Gafa are stating is complete and total bullshit and these men have absolutely no shame for their stupidity and incompetence.

Here is a post where I outline why and how Angelo Gafa’s excuse for lack of resources is a lie. Angelo Gafa has had many opportunities with two different permanent secretaries of finance from whom he could draw up enough funds to initiate his projects and only he is to be blamed for this and not the Ministry of Finance (I am not a fan of Clyde Caruana or anyone at the Ministry of Finance, but these are the facts as to how bureaucracy works).

The government’s excuse for preventing the murder of Bernice Cilia, who repeatedly reported to the police that she was in imminent danger, is very similar to the total bullshit excuse of why the police took 18 years to charge the alleged murderers of Sion Grech. Incredibly, their excuse for being 18 years late was that they took the case very seriously – the alleged murderers walked out of court free.

As regards police resources, Angelo Gafa is a bloody genius and a hidden diamond who will soon propel his career to the highest ranks of international authorities – that’s why he has a LinkedIn page. He is waiting for the big guy to give him his big moment: the big promotion. He’s such a genius in allocating resources he is using the police to charge a satirist, and a doctor for legally selling medical marijuana, not to mention the police who have been chasing me under an arrest warrant to turn up to Rosianne Cutajar’s case against me, which I eventually did. They even sent two CID officers in plain clothes looking for me all day long at the Book Festival for a vexatious case against me by this mentioned corrupt politician (the police never charged her for her corruption) to which I actually attended, but Angelo Gafa can’t find resources to protect victims of domestic violence who are under imminent danger.

Fucking imbeciles. Malta will breathe once again, eventually when the lot of you are out of office and normality returns.

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