The edifice is crumbling

In today’s Sunday sermon, the King of the Village, Robert Abela said that “he values (sic) the ideas of his critics”, only after shouting a vitriolic diatribe against the opposition. Why does he need to shout? It’s a rhetorical question of course because that’s how they deal with their critics in reality, and they do it unashamedly despite their ignorance and with a lot of arrogance too. Just last week, Energy Minister, Miriam Dalli shouted at her critic in parliament, telling him “thank God you don’t work in Enemalta”.

The PN MP in question, Mark Anthony Sammut is an engineer. Miriam Dalli is a Super ONE propagandist making the gap between her and Mark Anthony Sammut unbridgeable in terms of competence. Mark Anthony Sammut was pointing out that recent blackouts were caused due to the excessive use of the interconnector when a storm forced the gas tanker to disconnect. The Prime Minister’s attack on the Opposition was made in a similar tone saying that “thank God the Opposition are not in power”. Their political discourse is mostly about them being in power as if they harbour the insecurity of losing it.

And lose it they will, eventually, when the constant blunders, corruption, and impunity add up so much that the material effects become intolerable. These are the first public signs of insecurity as the Prime Minister tries to address, in his typical narcissistic manner, his “critics”. It is at this critical moment when Labour and the Prime Minister are constantly and gradually losing so much support that a majority against the government is evident according to the data, and that’s why the Prime Minister, after purging his critics from the Party and the government, having humiliated them only to then proceed to introduce an authoritarian law that muzzles the press, would eventually come out and say something which he thinks may sound positive to his critics. Today, data clearly shows, that if all the opposition is united against Labour, Labour would lose the general election.

Abela is a pathological liar entrenched and compromised deeply with criminal interests rooted in the Labour Party and its dirty deals of the past. The clean facade that he ever tries to portray is constantly marred with the reality on the ground, where impunity and jungle rules have become the norm to the extent that dangerous scenes of collapsing buildings do not surprise us any more. Abela doesn’t want to “value his critics” or whatever that means. Abela wants to buy them out like he is doing with PN opportunists and that’s the only plan he has.Robert Abela has no idea what to do with the country other than throwing money and signing cheques to people for any conceivable problem – more on that in the next post later on.

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