Consulting on journalism without journalists

Was there a consultation meeting by the pseudo-consultation media committee of Robert Abela on press reform?

I got to know from the press. Many of my friends in journalism didn’t know about it either and didn’t even attend. Who was it that actually attended to this anyway? It’s like a parallel world.

Apparently, chief government propagandist Saviour Balzan was there along with Labour’s’ pseudo-intellectual apparatchik, Carmen Sammut – both members of this fraudulent committee.

Maybe, if he hadn’t been the government’s chief propagandist, Saviour Balzan would have had more free time to consult with journalists other than the journalists who are his own employees, like Kurt Sansone who also sits on this committee. Probably, he can’t do much consulting though given he likes to ban other journalists on social media.

What a total farce.

Here’s Saviour Balzan in his main show on the public broadcaster airing government propaganda under the pretence of journalism. Miriam Dalli’s consultant, Steve Ellul is brought by to speak about trees and the so-called project green, and absolutely no questions on our energy trades and the issues with the Electrogas power station.

Then Balzan brings over Robert Musumeci, the corrupt government consultant and law drafter who is responsible for Malta’s planning disaster and unbridled and unregulated construction. No hard questions of course. Just a very amicable chat with nauseating self-serving opinions.


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