No, he is not “self-made”

Joseph Portelli

I don’t understand why journalists would write hagiographies for Joseph Portelli other than for paid-promotional and PR services. No, he is not “self-made” and his business empire, currently running on relatively huge amounts of debt was built with the direct and regular support of the Maltese government starting from the Nationalist administration.

Joseph Portelli used to be an ardent Nationalist supporter and backer of Giovanna Debono, the Minister of Gozo who directly helped him with his business. Following 2013, Joseph Muscat and Joseph Portelli created a very strong alliance between them and Joseph Portelli became one of the biggest donors of the Labour Party. The Labour government continued to support Joseph Portelli with resources and public contracts and recently, Portelli was also involved in a shady deal to allegedly move large sums of money from Montenegro. Montenegro is where Joseph Muscat’s government built an Enemalta wind-farm in a corrupt deal that siphoned profits to Yorgen Fenech’s company, 17 Black.

Portelli ‘s ridiculous antics in trying to force his way to become a football player is only just the latest event that is symptomatic of a society under a rent-seeking regime where whoever has money has extensive privileges and enjoys impunity from the law. Malta is currently being run by village criminals.

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