Labour MEP Alex Saliba says that WW2 was not Malta’s war

Alex Agius Saliba

When last year Russia invaded Ukraine, Prime Minister Robert Abela, who is compromised by shady dealings with Russian oligarchs, immediately claimed that Malta was a neutral country and that the war in Ukraine had no effect on Malta. It was to be business as usual. Later on, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Evarist Bartolo went on record saying that Malta should keep selling Maltese passports to Russian oligarchs.

Slowly, the reality that Malta does not live in a bubble cut off from the rest of the world seeped in and Robert Abela began realising his grave mistake of downplaying the most serious war in Europe since World War 2. The village criminals don’t expect history when governing a state – they only expect an easy dinner. Slowly, Robert Abela began realising that despite his past dealings with Russians, the thousands of Russians who bought Maltese passports, and Malta’s connections to the Russian oil and maritime industry, somehow Malta had to put an act to show that it is aligned with the free world. Malta went from opposing sanctions on Russia in EU fora, to accepting them reluctantly, and Robert Abela began boasting about humanitarian aid that his government sends to Ukraine. The political message, however, remained pro-Russian: that Ukraine should settle with Russia for “peace”. Consistently, the Labour Party made its position for Russian appeasement.

Some of the Labour Party’s members are not bothering to put up an act about where their political allegiances fall. Labour MEP Alex Agius Saliba published a rant on Instagram condemning the visit of Ukraine’s President to the European Parliament saying that the European Parliament was being forcefully militarised and that he doesn’t want Malta to fight yet again another war for someone else, implying clearly, that Malta fought in World War 2 for the sake of the British and not for itself.

What a total imbecile to think for a fact that Malta was dragged into the Second World War by the British. This is the perverse way the young fascists of Labour think today: had Malta not been under British occupation, we would have been part of fascist Italy and we would have been spared the Nazi bombings of 1942. It’s all the British’s fault that the Nazis bombed our country flat in 1942 and without the British, we would have lived peaceful lives under fascism.

Insane that these imbeciles are in government, yet the reality is that the way Alex Agius Saliba and Robert Abela think about Maltese history is right on cue with how Labour is building its authoritarian system in the country.

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