No, sanctions do not prevent humanitarian aid to Syria

The Syrian government is spreading the lie, amplified by Russian media, that humanitarian aid can’t reach Syria because of Western sanctions. This is a lie and anyone can check how sanctions work. Sanctions prevent contact with the government and commercial activity, but it does not prevent the sending of aid to NGOs and neither does it prevent the sending of humanitarian aid which is exempt from sanctions. On the other hand, the Syrian government has a history of attacking humanitarian workers and NGOs and preventing aid from entering the country.

Both the Syrian government and Russia have a long history of war crimes in Syria such as the destruction of Aleppo, and the shelling of Afrin hospital, Idlib, Homs, and other cities. Both Russia and the Syrian government have regularly targeted civilian infrastructure, aid -workers, hospitals, and even schools apart from besieging cities held by opposition forces indiscriminately with no consideration for civilian casualties.

Putin and Assad are trying to use the Syrian earthquake in a cynical and clod-blooded way to obtain sympathy from the West after having destroyed Syria, killed thousands of its people, and forced the exit of millions of people.  Putin is a living testament to why Bashar al-Assad should have been stopped as soon as he started shooting at Syrian pro-democratic demonstrators, just like Ghaddafi was dealt with it. Impunity for war crimes, death, and destruction has only emboldened Putin even further to invade Ukraine.

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