Jesus among criminals

Chris Cardona is important to my stories because of his association with the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia. He denies it. Melvin Theuma, the middleman between Yorgen Fenech and the hitmen, disagrees. Chris Cardona also claims to have been framed with a fake letter that denounced him, and the letter was indeed a fake. Yet, why would Chris Cardona be framed? The answer would be logical, of course, but why him?

What’s true and public knowledge is that Chris Cardona was associated with various criminals and Vince Muscat would surely know about him just like any committed criminal would know about ministers who are involved with criminals. As Minister for the Economy, Chris Cardona was friends with human traffickers, pimps, drug dealers, oil smugglers, and any kind of criminal who would pass off as a normal citizen in Maltese society. Cardona was even in contact with such alleged criminals, presumably to help them with their criminal activities through permits and customs – all unwittingly, of course, unaware he is abetting anything, for he was just like Jesus among the criminals and the wretched. A Che Guevara-tattooed socialist in a suit down with his people.

I’m not impressed, and neither shocked as he is not the first minister to have ever had associations with professional criminals. What is more shocking is the impunity over Daphne’s murder and how repeated claims by two different people accusing a previous minister of the government of being involved in the murder of a journalist have landed on the authorities’ deaf ears. So far, they all got away with it, and no one has been prosecuted for anything. Chris Cardona expects to deny everything and keep living his life as if nothing has ever happened. Just a blip in his drunk-drug-addled mid-life-crisis phase of being a government minister surrounded by criminals. Moving on. When the Labour government denounced the Nationalist Party for threatening the economic stability of the country when it proposed a law in parliament that would have made it a crime for politicians to be associated with criminals, the Labour government was not just protecting Joseph Muscat and Keith Schembri, it was also protecting Chris Cardona: the epitome of the village politician associated with criminals.

If Chris Cardona is innocent he should talk and contribute to his public redemption by helping bring justice for Daphne but he won’t do that and it’s not because he is still spiteful at her for revealing that he went to a German brothel whilst attending a conference – it’s because he is so deeply involved in murky affairs with dangerous people, that he has become as committed to the criminal underworld as anyone who has been deeply compromised.

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