The national theatre hosts a sex-comedy written by convicted sex aggressor John Suda

A new low every day in standards with Labour in government. Teatru Manoel, the National Theatre is hosting a comedy on sex written by convicted sex aggressor John Suda. Meanwhile, the Minister of Culture is in Valletta showcasing mini-tractors.

Some of the actors include the typical amoral opportunists you would find at the receiving of the government’s nepotism. One of the main actors, Ron Briffa was given a prime-time slot (Friday night) on the public broadcaster, TVM, for a cringe-worthy and excruciatingly-bad show which is supposedly funny (it’s not).  Ron Briffa’s programmer on TVM had replaced the popular show, Xarabank right before Simon Busuttil, previous head of the Opposition was to be interviewed on the show. In that particular show, Simon Busuttil was to be vindicated for his position against corruption in 2017. The government made sure that this would never happen.

Ron Briffa never felt responsible or guilty for being used as a government’s pawn., but there are many like him in today’s economy thanks to Labour: rent-seekers who take advantage of the profits and wins of others, in this case, the Friday night audience that Xarabank had built over the years. Naturally, his ratings were much lower.

Anything goes to extend one’s career in Malta under Labour: even participating in sex comedies by convicted sex aggressors. No limits.

Pajjiż għal ġol-ħajt.

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