Criminals and clowns

The Minister of Justice is busy laundering his reputation with the Culture Ministry and he is making sure that he loses no opportunity of using the public purse for his aggrandisement. This propaganda video is brought to you by us, the taxpayers. Incredible, isn’t it? The Minister for Culture uses public money in order to tell you in shitty and overproduced propaganda videos what a great benefactor he is: a benefactor with our money.

Grandeur and reputation for a corrupt minister who admitted to having conspired with magistrates during the same time he was covering up for Joseph Muscat and his friends, comes with a press conference on mini-tractors for the use of pulling carnival floats. This circus is going on while the Maltese agriculture industry is being given its last absolutions and soon R.I.P.

They are not just criminals. They are also total clowns.

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