Not all criminals are equal

Robert Abela seems to have a preference for what priorities and sentences the courts of law should choose. He’s concerned the courts of law aren’t handing out tough sentences to hardened criminals who commit heinous acts and this may be true. Our country is becoming a breeding ground for bullies and criminality is increasingly happening in the open or broad daylight, yet Robert should look at himself instead of complaining to the magistrates. Not that complaining to magistrates is something he should do, but apparently, since mission cover-up is accomplished, Robert seems to feel comfortable enough to speak of his gross constitutional breaches.

Logically, Robert Abela is complaining to magistrates about “hardened criminals” but he is more of a go easy on the white-collar crime that may also include the murder of journalists. It’s all relative to the electoral targets of the Labour Party. Yet, what would anyone expect? After Robert Abela ensured the police and the attorney-journal are dysfunctional so as to protect his previous master, now he is wondering why the institutions are not really working. So much for “ħallu l-istituzzjonijiet jaħdmu.”

Labour itself is the problem, but mostly it’s Robert Abela. Once he is out, the institutions would be relieved from his burden of covering up for Joseph Muscat.

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