Hiding behind the Culture Ministry

The previous Minister for Justice, Owen Bonnici has refused to answer Net News’ question about whether he ever had any discussions with sitting magistrates. The buffoon gave himself away by saying “My current role is Minister for Culture” thinking he could deflect the question by making the point that he wouldn’t answer for anything he did in the past, when in fact he could have lied and simply given a simple “no”.

Apparently, he was caught off guard and he couldn’t get into his sociopathic and conspiratorial composure very typical of his time as Justice Minister. They literally think that they have gotten away with everything so they don’t even care to prepare themselves for exercises in lying.

As Justice Minister, Owen Bonnici did his fair share of covering up for Joseph Muscat and his friends and now we know that he also held illicit discussions with sitting magistrates that he doesn’t want to speak about – a matter so serious for him that he couldn’t even lie about it. There are of course two other people who would know about Own Bonnici’s meetings with sitting magistrates and those are the previous attorney-general, Peter Grech, now a government consultant, and his deputy who is now the attorney-general herself.

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