Buying the youth or forcing them to leave

Jonathan Attard: Justice Minister. Don't laugh, yet.

Social and economic conditions are currently hardest on the youth, pensioners, and the lower-paid. Those in Malta who do not own a property and are still young have a very serious challenge ahead of their life to be able to afford a property and additionally to raise a family. However, Robert Abela is offering the youth an easy way out if they are absolutely loyal and choose to serve him. Those who choose to support Robert Abela blindly and unconditionally, will be rewarded and will be literally helped to purchase their own property.

The social and economic conditions are ideal for Robert Abela to leverage his power over the young and as property prices will continue to go up as more young people get priced out of the market, Robert’s offer to the youth will become increasingly attractive. Just look at how many young people are ready to sacrifice their dignity publicly just to get a couple of Euros, and now, imagine what these young people would be willing to do if they are offered jobs and bonuses which could make them afford a property. This is where the banality of evil starts innocuously. The rent-seeking economy shuts down competitive industries and businesses in the free market, reduced the options for the youth, and creates shortcuts to corruption which in an ever more difficult economic scenario look increasingly attractive.

The result of Labour’s politics on the youth is very evident in the behaviour of the youngest ministers and MPs. First, we have Rosianne Ctuajar who needs no introductions, but lately, other young ministers have also been hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons.  See for example, how the Education Minister, Cliffton Grima reacts to reports that hunters are organising exhibitions in public schools on hunting with public funds. He says the exhibitions are legitimate, legal, and part of Maltese culture. What the Minister of Education doesn’t tell you is that he sends his children to private schools where an exhibition on hunting by hunters would be absolutely impossible. The Minister of Education doesn’t even have the guts to do the right thing and say and do the normal thing about such a simple issue as it has become acceptable for public schools to be used as tools for electoral purposes: in this case to ingratiate with the hunting lobby.

I remember a time when public schools used to have notice boards filled with posters against hunting and posters of Maltese animals with their scientific names, but today Labour turns the public education system into a tool for its corruption and rent-seeking. And for the record, and to those who still have doubts, it doesn’t matter whether hunting is “Maltese culture”. Beating your wife, locking up your disabled son in the basement, urinating in the street, throwing garbage outside and keeping goats in your house were all integral parts of Maltese culture, but we don’t celebrate them today. Hunting is not about environmentalism, whatever the hunters will tell you. “Jaħasra, taif kemm jieħu ħsiebhom is-siġar” – it’s mostly lies, delusions and illusions. Hunting is a blood-sport and I’m not against blood-sports in principle, nor a vegetarian, but I am for sure and absolutely against the hunting of birds in Malta for many reasons including the fact that it contributes to an environmental disaster in Europe.  “Jaħasra, imma l-ħaddiema ma jaffordjax imur l-Afrika jispara, biex ħa jheda, miskin” It is in fact the Minister of Education who is enabling this dumbification of Maltese culture and the education system, and all for the sake of gaining votes and at the expense of us all.

But Cliffton is just a small fish compared to other ministers who are more trusted by Robert Abela. There are then other young ministers who were even more accepting of Robert Abela’s dirty work in their attempt to do well in their political careers. There is, for example, Byron Camilleri who is the Interior Minister and is responsible for the Police: one of Malta’s biggest failures which keeps failing and deteriorating as time goes by. Byron has been awarded a very important post with a very dirty job: keep it dysfunctional, and Byron has, so far, done successfully well in his mission “to let the institutions work” and that’s exactly what Robert wants as the Police gets ever more dysfunctional.

Yet, the most fraudulent, corrupt, servile, amoral, immoral, and degenerate young imp who mostly serves Robert Abela in the most loyal and unquestionable way possible is probably Jonathan Attard and this is why he was given the sensitive post of Justice Minister: an integral post needed to cover-up for corrupt politicians. The first major reform by Jonathan Attard is a fraudulent press form which has the direct goal of deliberately attacking the press and reducing free speech considerably. Indeed, it won’t be a conservative government run by old fans of Lawrence Gonzi who, this time round will attack our free speech and wreck our democracy, but it’s a band of desperate young mercenaries and corrupt opportunists who are trailing Robert Abela in absolute ingratiation. It’s young people who will be given the tools by their masters to fuck us up, and while Jonathan Attard will attempt to fuck us up as he saves for his second property, other young people will look up to Jonathan and aspire to do exactly like him. More will join them and there will be even more young people who will choose to do even dirtier tricks in the name of the Party to subdue and subvert our democracy and our society.

They are all the same in terms of evil and deceit. For example, Joanathan Attard’s best friend is Charlon Gouder, also a past Labour Party propagandist, who was recently appointed CEO of a tuna-processing factory, not for his experience in the tuna industry of course, but to cover up illegalities and retain a smooth relationship with government officials – mainly his friends and contacts in the Labour Party. It’s literally a racket of jobs which provides opportunities to work not only in politics and government and public institutions but also with the Labour Party donors themselves. And this is a very big circuit which includes building contractors, hoteliers and also the tuna industry. And as the economy is stripped of its opportunities with ever more government support to the same donors who fund the Labour Party, the opportunities for young people are getting increasingly slim. This is the reality of most of the youth who want to leave the country.

The result of this corrupt situation is very evident: thousands of youth who can’t be compromised and who won’t accept to play Labour’s game of loyalty and corruption are leaving. Those who decide to stay but are against Labour will find it increasingly difficult to get ahead in the economy unless they come from a wealthy background. Then there are those young people who are poor and desperate enough to accept being compromised and will therefore choose Robert’s option.

For the youth looking to join the Labour Party beware that the Labour Party doesn’t exist any longer and you are joining a criminal association run by the diktat of one single person. Your future and your choices will be totally predetermined by the Party and the only way to get ahead will be to accept the rent-seeking regime and support it in your work. You will be used as the youthful face of evil, and when enough years go by, you will eventually be remembered as one of the many cowards who sold yourself at the expense of our democracy and our nation. Joining Labour today and supporting its activities as a young person with the aim to get into the public jobs and Labour donors circuit is the least honorouble thing you can do with your life. Rest assured that the world is big enough for you to thrive and grow and you don’t need to sell yourself short by joining the Labour Party.

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