What intellectuals?

Desmond Żammit Marmara had an article in the Times arguing that the Labour Party has many opportunists and no intellectuals, however, Desmond conveniently fails to mention that the intellectuals of the Labour Party are the biggest opportunists in Labour. Let’s for argument’s sake say that the Labour Party lacks good intellectuals, why wouldn’t this be obvious when the Prime Minister’s first major reform was a direct attack against the press and freedom of speech?

It’s not rocket science, really. Many intellectuals work in the press and publishing industry so if you attack them, they are not going to like it, I suppose, but enlighten me if human nature has changed ever since Robert Abela took office. Also and maybe it has got to do with the fact that the Prime Minister is an overgrown opportunistic and egomaniacal baby who can’t stand the sound of someone contradicting him. And maybe, Desmond is suffering from amnesia as he forgets how we have arrived at this stage. If my memory serves me right, it all started with a murdered journalist whom the Labour Party loathed and it continued with a Labour government which covered up her murder. Then it ended with a new Labour leader who covered up for those who covered up her murder, and today we are wondering why there are no good intellectuals in the Labour Party. I wonder why.

Also, and maybe, but maybe, given I have no pretensions whilst being fully aware that I’m just one of the last dumb idiots who haven’t been compromised, replacing me as head of the National Book Council whit someone who publicly cheers the exile of the Party’s critics has something to do with it. In any case. You are not going to find Waldo because he has left the building and no good intellectual would ever associate themselves with a party and government run by the extended associates of Joseph Muscat’s mafia who are now and today openly waging a war against the press.

Are you bloody mad?  Asking “Where are the Labour Party’s intellectuals?” is like looking for a duck in the desert. Most of the intellectuals I know are in the press and publishing industry to whom the Labour Party is very hostile, while the rest have left the country. The only way Labour would ever have any good intellectuals with it is if it gets trashed in the general elections, not once, but repeatedly and consecutively many times, over and over again, until the opportunists capitulate and the last remaining dogmatists are forced to listen to reason. It’s not going to happen with just one electoral defeat – they would still be emboldened with many years of power with impunity. The only way the Labour Party will change is if is defeated many times over.


  1. Qed tinsa xi ħaġa importanti. L-intellettwali jinsabu fil-ġurnaliżmu kif għedt int, imma jinsabu ħafna wkoll fil-mafia. Min jieħu naħa, min oħra. U allura l-Labour kuntent bihom xorta waħda.

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