The Mafia promoting their soldiers

Previous Justice Minister Edward Żammit Lewis with Attorney-General Victoria Buttiġieġ

Robert Abela didn’t even make an effort to conceal his cover-up and the impunity he granted to Joseph Muscat and his friends. He appointed Yorgen Fenech’s sucker and lackey as Justice Minister to cover up for everyone one of them, and they even promoted one of their loyal soldiers to an EU post.

Here is Mr. Justice “I miss Yorgen Fenech” promoting Yvonne Farrugia for prosecuting the police officer who wanted to prosecute Joseph Muscat and for covering up for Joseph Muscat’s corrupt accountants, Nexia BT. Congratulations, Yvonne. Good job.

Maybe, while she is at the European Public Prosecutor Office, Yvonne can also explain to the institution in which she supposedly works, how and why she refused to investigate a political and criminal organisation that eventually ended up promoting her.

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