The extended network of the Mafia State

It’s incredible what passes as normal in this country. Apparently. the police inspector who executed some of the cover-ups assigned to her by the corrupt police officer, Ian Abdilla was promoted to the European Public Prosecutor Office in 2020 by Robert Abela’s government. Ian Abdilla was the head of the police’s financial crimes unit and was one of the many corrupt police officers who had a direct line with Keith Schembri, Joseph Muscat’s chief of staff. Abilla and other corrupt officers like Silvio Valletta were assigned to cover up the corruption and crimes of the government. Robert Abela, Joseph Muscat’s student and successor, was then tasked to cover up for Ian Abdilla and others like Yvonne Farrugia who covered up for Joseph Muscat and his friends.

Yvonne seems to have been quietly spirited away to an EU institution and now wants to leave her past behind and look ahead. Everything has been forgiven and everything should be forgotten. She can’t tell why she failed to investigate Karl Cini, one of the corrupt accounts of Joseph Muscat and his friends, despite supposedly investigating him, yet she did prosecute Jonathan Ferris on trumped-up charges, one of her previous colleagues who wanted to investigate Joseph Muscat over allegations he had an offshore company in Panama. Yvonne Farrugia makes a great addition to the European Public Prosecutor Office and has the right CV especially given that the EPPO is supposed to investigate transnational financial crime in the EU such as corruption and money laundering. for example, she could explain to the EPPO how Joseph Muscat and his friends got EU Commission approvals for a corrupt power-station project involving various countries where the project’s money was laundered such as Dubai, Azerbaijan, Latvia, and Malta. She can then could proceed to explain to the IPPO how she and her boss successfully covered all these crimes.

These so-called people have no shame. In court, Yvonne made a virtuous statement that should supposedly reassure us of her integrity: she is loyal to the courts and to the police and that’s why she can’t give any explanations in court, she said. The only loyalty these imbeciles have is to their highest bidder and they would die cold and starving had they needed to fend for themselves without grifting their way into the system. These are the innocuous and harmless-looking imbeciles who can and do great evil in our society. My anger boils at their charade.

In any case. I understand how confusing this may be for those who are not familiar with Malta’s recent history of mafia politics and organised crime, so allow me to put it in simple terms. In Malta, the good cops are purged and squeezed out of the system while the corrupt cops at the service of politicians get promoted. This principle is common to all of Malta’s public institutions and the system is filled with dirt.

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