No justice for Sion Grech

Previous Justice Minister Edward Żammit Lewis with Attorney-General Victoria Buttiġieġ
Sion Grech
Sion Grech

The alleged murderers of Sion Grech, a transgender woman who was stabbed to death, walk free in our society after the police presented a very weak case. I would appreciate if someone involved in criminal law can explain to me how a medical-court expert can contradict the police’s version of events by saying “there was no disturbance in the ground where Sion Grech’s body was found“.

Maybe I’m stupid, or there is a misinterpretation or the case did not just hinge on this statement, but what kind of disturbance in the ground do you need if two men stab a transgender woman? Do these court experts think that murders are some sort of cartoonish or comical act? And how or why wouldn’t the prosecution be able to hold its ground with such weak counter-arguments?

I’m dumbfounded on this case, but on something else I’m sure and that is the consistent incompetence and total disregard for the spirit of the law by the police and the attorney-general. Consistently, these institutions continue to fail us unashamedly, and with no regrets at all. I know how police commissioner and attorney-general Angelo Gafa and victoria Buttiġieġ feel over the case of Sion Grech: a simple oversight in their noble work. Their corrupt political appointment gives them the confidence of heroes even when they bring upon us the worst kind of gross injustices: the impunity for murder. They don’t care, and their self-importance and highly fueled ego buttressed by political links deludes them into seeing normality in their wreckage.

Then there are the clowns who sit in the cabinet of ministers. They are the ones who are supposedly building a justice system but instead are focused on authoritarian laws against the press while sucking up to their leader hoping they remain in his good books so as to keep promoting them. The Maltese state has been turned into a myopic world of rent-seeking and criminal imbeciles. A mafia state. Most importantly, for our leader to be is that Joseph Muscat and his friends all got away with it, while the list of victims with no justice keeps growing. The willful dysfunction of our institutions to protect politicians keeps adding its victims and this should also go down into John Rizzo’s books. The police, the attorney-general, the ministers – they are all to blame for our horrible and cruel system and they have no regrets.

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