RIP Labour Party

The term of the European Commission ends next year and nation-states are already negotiating behind closed doors on their nominees. Robert Abela’s nominee is Chris Fearne.

It is not clear whether Fearne accepted the nomination or is being forced to accept it. Fearne’s original intention was to stay the whole course of this term and seek re-election, but this is the third time that Robert Abela is attempting to get rid of Fearne in a formally polite way.

Fearne’s exit from the cabinet of ministers means that the cabinet will lose its only critic and its only high-profile minister who could challenge Robert Abela and even act unilaterally. Undoubtedly Robert Abela will proceed to push one of his puppets or allies. Miriam Dalli could also be a potential candidate as she is prepared for Robert’s succession.

Once Fearne leaves for Brussels, Robert Abela would have greater control over the Labour Party and the government. the Labour Party has few if any critical voices left and by now it’s just a skeletal structure which feeds on Robert Abela’s direct orders and propagandists. The Labour Party has been reduced to a myopic propaganda and money-making machine whose only drive is to win the election.  electoral purposes.

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