Russians who fought in Ukraine are not political refugees

There is a dangerous precedent being set up in Europe right now where Russians who fought in Ukraine can flee to Europe and request asylum. Andrey Medvedev, a previous Russian mercenary with the Wagner group who fought in Ukraine is currently in Norway requesting asylum, and previous Russian soldier, Pavel Filatyev has been granted political asylum in France. Both of them have renounced the war after having fought in it while Pavel Filatyev has refused to hand information to the authorities which could help prosecute his commanders. Filatyev is living an easy life signing book deals while enjoying his newfound stardom. Andrey Medvedev would most probably be doing the same if granted asylum.

There are many moral and pragmatic problems with allowing these men to live “normal” lives in Europe and it’s not just about the obvious security aspect itself. These men have ideologically charged values that go contrary to our beliefs of rule of law – it’s like allowing the Taliban or ISIS political asylum in Europe. And to add insult to injury, their stories and actions today confirm quite clearly that they are not political dissidents. Their acceptance in Europe as political refugees is a great offense to the genuine political refugees escaping horrible situations. Andrey Medvedev didn’t flee the war. He fled Russia after his contract with the Wagner group expired. We are basically giving privileges to murderers and potential war criminals.

This Ukrainian Youtuber explains the cases in detail.

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