Sincerely, I do not understand

I am not very familiar with Hili’s business empire but I may get to start researching it soon, in a similar way I did with the finances and history of Tumas Group. My curiosity has been aroused by bafflement because sincerely, I’m baffled and confused and I need to understand. Or maybe, I’m totally dumb and stupid.

I’m baffled at why Hili Ventures would want to build bungalows in Comino and go through all this controversy of ruining one Malta’s last pristine areas for what would be for them an insignificant profit. I mean seriously, what the fuck?

The project is downright stupid, ugly, and hideous. It is against the public interest and it will scar Hili’s reputation forever. So why push with such a project? There’s more. There’s a huge elephant in the room of context which is leaving me even more baffled.

Financial markets have just had a brutal bear market and we may still be in it. Property prices all over the world have decreased significantly with property prices in the US going at steep discounts. Hili Ventures are neither an inward-looking business like most of the Maltese contractors and rent-seekers posing as a legitimate business: they have plenty of investments abroad with oil and gas companies and even a foreign real-estate portfolio. In other words, if they have cash, they have plenty of places and ideas on how to use it to generate even more capital. They really don’t need Comino.

So why push with Comino? There may be more to this than just money. It really just doesn’t add up.

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