Listen to Sandra Gauci on the case of Jean-Paul Sofia

Sandra Gauci is a candidate with the Green Party. Every week she publishes a video that concerns the most important going issues in Malta.  Here are some points she has mentioned on the death of Jean-Paul Sofia.

Adriana Zammit, the architect of the project never sent a commencement notice of the construction building to the Planning Authority.

Kurt Buhagiar the owner of the construction building spent a year in prison in Ragusa over human trafficking and is also the driver of the LANDS department CEO. Allegedly, Kurt Buhagiar also hired a hitman to beat up the boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend.

No one has been prosecuted yet.

Sandra Gauci concluded this video by saying that she filed a police report over a man who was harassing her online and who apparently, was given a mobile phone with a VPN installed so as to hide his location and identity while trolling Labour critics.


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