A short list of victims who did not get justice

In continuation with the previous post, this is a list of victims who have not yet been served justice by the state. Their families will have to wait out court proceedings which will take years to conclude and some of them won’t even get to that stage at all as police investigations fail to present a case.

Protecting political criminals with the willful collapse of the rule of law comes with the price of life itself as rampant and deadly impunity only increases as a result. These are the victims who like Daphne Caruana Galizia are perceived by the government as collateral in order to preserve power under its current authoritarian terms.

There are many more victims and apologies to other victims and their families whom I have left out. If you think I should write about several particular cases please write.

Jean Paul Sofia

A worker who died while constructing a factory in Kordin, Jean Paul Sofia was a victim of corruption and greed. The building site he was working at is a public property and was leased out irregularly to an alleged human trafficker and official at the government LANDS department, Kurt Buhagiar. Days after the horrible incident, the construction industry regulator organised a €15,000 Christmas Party with public funds, at a hotel owned by construction magnate Charles Polidano “Iċ-Ċaqnu.”

Ajay Shrestha

A food delivery driver who was imported to Malta by a slave-trader and killed by a truck in the street, Ajay Shrestha will most probably never be delivered justice. There’s no justice if you are killed in the street, especially if you are a foreigner as the police will have very little interest to investigate your case.

Lenie Buendia

Also a foreigner who came to Malta to earn a living, Lenie Buendia became disabled after a car hit her while she crossed a pedestrian crossing in Mosta. Despite the incident taking place on a very busy road with many CCTV cameras around various commercial edifices, the police couldn’t arraign anyone. Foreigners, especially if they are not European will literally be abandoned by the police and have no justice at all unless they are rich and can pay aggressive lawyers. The police don’t care about them.

Marie Claire Lombardi

However, the Maltese will also find great difficulties. Marie Claire Lombardi died after skidding with her bike on an oil spill on a busy road in Rabat. No one has been brought to justice, yet. There’s always the repeated lie that a new commission, announced every year or so, will be investigating traffic deaths.

Bernice Cassar

Bernice Cassar was shot by her ex-husband after having requested the police to protect her and warned them that her life was in danger. Bernice Cassar even asked the court to hear her case with urgency and was granted a protection order by the court but the police did not effectively do any protection at all as Bernice ended up murdered.

While the families of these victims wait for justice, the police are charging satirist, Matt Bonnano over ridiculously funny online posts.

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