With the people, but without the people

Robert Abela is still trying to delude himself that he is loved by the people. The Labour Party has just posted some pictures on Facebook of Robert Abela’s Sunday sermon with the title “Robert Abela, amongst the people”. Only that they aren’t ordinary people but mostly Labour Party delegates, including the speakers. Of course, the questions asked by the delegates to the Prime Minister would have been given to them in advance while Robert Abela would have been given the script for the event.

Pathetic and hilarious. Everything is fake in the Labour Party. Robert is so clearly insecure and unsure of what he is doing while trying hard to replicate Joseph Muscat’s projection that he isn’t even aware that all of this charade can’t convince anyone other than himself. And clearly, he struggles with the fact that he doesn’t even have the quarter of supporters following him that Muscat used to have.







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