Poland leads while Germany falters

By now the German government has turned its role as a European leader into a gross spectacle of opportunism and stupidity. Having consistently tried to appease Putin by simultaneously giving the most minimal defense contribution as possible to Ukraine, Germany has compromised European security while eroding its respect as a country that could stand for Europe and European security.

The German spectacle is gross and embarrassing. The German Defense Minister, Christine Lambrecht made a new year’s speech saying something of the sort that 2022 was interesting to her because of the War in Ukraine which enabled her to meet and discover many interesting people. Then there is the German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock who thinks that the war is an opportunity for her to engage in theatre with grandiose yet empty statements which have no value and mean nothing. “Ukraine will always be a member of the European family.” Sure, if a member of my family is getting beaten, raped, and murdered, I will watch idly by, make statements and donate the minimum as possible so as not to alienate the aggressor against me. Then I promise the aggressor that if he stops murdering my family member I will become friends with him again. The opportunism of the Germans makes me sick.

On the other hand, Poland doesn’t care about keeping up appearances with Russia and has just announced that it will be donating Leopard tanks to Ukraine in a surprise move that shames Germany and its pretended leadership. There can be many different political differences between political parties in Europe but one major and fundamental principle that should be upheld without compromises is Europe’s security and defense from imperialist invaders. Those who are trying to appease Putin with “security guarantees” are literally enabling and tolerating war and gross violations of human rights in Europe and the world will be a much more dangerous place if we do so. Instead, Putin and his allies who perpetrated this war should face war crimes trials if we are to uphold European security and the international-rules-based order.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been the most clear-cut issue in Europe for many years given it strikes directly at our core and fundamental principles of democracy, peace, and rule-of-law. Shame to anyone who spread the recent Kremlin propaganda of a “Christmas truce” by comparing this war to World War 1. What more gross and sick fantasies can a politician have to excuse and justify murder and war by an aggressor against your “family member”?

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