Kremlin-style behaviour by the Prime Minister

At the end of the year, Robert Abela made a very inconspicuous political stunt that fits perfectly well in the Kremlin’s book of authoritarianism through political deception.

At the end of 2022, Robert Abela visited the monument to Karin Grech, the young girl murdered by a letter bomb in 1977, and called for “peace and respect.” Karin Grech’s father, Edwin Grech, was a Labourite who sided with Mintoff during the doctor’s strike, and the letter-bombed was addressed to him.

There are many explicit messages that Robert Abela is sending here with this stunt. First of all, this stunt has to be seen in a wider context. Robert Abela has never visited Daphne Caruana Galizia’s memorial in Bidnija where she was murdered and he has so far made no attempts to seek justice for her either by strengthening the institutions or going through corrupt public contracts such as Electrogas which she had investigated. As for the attorney-general and the police, Robert Abela has ensured they are dysfunctional enough that Joseph Muscat and his cronies evade justice.

First of all, there is no surprise at the fact that Robert Abela and the Labour Party would try to bury Daphne’s memory. The Labour Party has become the Party that is explicitly against justice and against freedom of speech and Labour will not change its position because these positions are essential to its survival. However, by visiting exclusively and solely Karin Grech’s monument, instead of visiting all the shrines or monuments dedicated to political victims, Robert Abela is also unashamedly showing his and his Party’s attitude to political victims: only Labour lives matter. And this is not surprising at all. These are the same people who cheered and celebrated Daphne’s murder.

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