The stuff of Soviet Russia

So, Miriam Dalli refuses to reply to questions on her exorbitant and reckless gas purchases and trades, and refuses to disclose details on the government’s deals with corrupt consortium Electrogas and Shanghai Electric, yet has the gall to call up the Chamber of Commerce and other business-related entities to tell them to save energy by keeping their air-condition at lower levels.

Miriam Dalli is undoubtedly one of the biggest frauds to have ever graced Maltese politics, but I don’t understand why the Chamber of Commerce would disrespect itself to the extent that it finds such meetings acceptable. The Chamber of Commerce seems to have lost the grit and the activist spirit it had in the past. I wouldn’t expect the Developers’ Association to take an anti-government position since they are literally funding the Labour Party to have a blank cheque on government policy, but the Chamber of Commerce should and does afford to do the sensible thing and tell the Minister that this kind of theatre is not acceptable when considering the backdrop of her actions.

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