Labour has lost Malta, now we have to make sure it to loses the government.

The photo of Clayton Bartolo wearing a Manchester United shirt with a local Maltese footballer from the Birkirkara team has caused, inevitable, consternation and anger at the Minister of Tourism. Critics like myself have been warning for a long time that this government, the Prime Minister and his ministers are not only corrupt but idiotic and imbecile in the most literal and genuine manner possible. This is not hyperbole or an insult. It is a blunt, obvious and explicit fact.

Let me be very clear again that this is not hyperbole and no exaggeration. I know these people from personal experience and they are dumb and incompetent as they came. It’s not my biased opinion or any emotionally charged invective: it is a plain and obvious truth: these people are corrupt imbeciles who would have remained unemployed or waiting tables had they not been in politics and defrauded the whole nation. The faster people begin to realise what a dangerous situation we’re in, with these imbeciles in power, the faster we will get back to rebuilding our country.

Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo is a disgrace to our nation and a corrupt little creep. This is a man who is giving millions of Euros to Manchester United because he and other assholes in his ministry are fans of Manchester United and therefore have had their entertainment interests aligned with government policy by making a deal with Manchester United to promote Malta as a tourist destination – apparently. It’s one of the dumbest and stupid deals imaginable. Yet, Labour does this stuff with our money and they even celebrate it. They flew in a whole delegation to Manchester to sign this dumb agreement and we are paying for their own little fantasy trip while besmirching our country and our own footballers. These imbeciles should be shamed for embarrassing us worldwide and for turning our country into their own little mafia town. We are being dragged into the pits along with them.

Clayton Bartolo’s photo has however sparked genuine outrage. There is genuine and honest fatigue from the corruption, the fraud, the ignorance, the idiocy, the deceit, the conspiracies, the fake bullshit… the more Labour stays in power the greater is the desire of many people to see it leave the government. The longing for a normal country keeps growing and develops into mass frustration as thousands of young people literally flee the country. There is finally an ever greater- accumulation of genuine anger that is clearly saying: enough, we deserve something better.

Labour has already lost the absolute majority and is reduced to governing with a relative majority. The next step is to stop an organised structure of our anger and our genuine love for our country into an effective political force which will see these imbeciles out of power.

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