What a total asshole

Can Robert Abela just for once act decently and respectfully to someone he doesn’t like? Here he is at Silvio Parnis’ funeral, pumping his chest forward as if to show us he is there in all his might. Everyone saw you, Robert, you don’t need to push it.

Really, what a total asshole. I’m beginning to feel sympathy for Silvio Parnis’ family with the way Silvio has been treated by the Party and the Prime Minister. Silvio was ostracised from the Party at the end of his career and was forced not to contest the elections and as a consolation gift, he was given a job at Transport Malta. Silvio was a dying political breed with his village and conservative ideas, but he could have been afforded some respect by the Labour Party and its leader. Apparently, the Labour Party didn’t even bother to air the funeral on ONE, and Labour supporters in Paolo had to switch on to F Living to watch the funeral instead. The total disrespect to those who militated in the Party by Robert Abela is relentless.

Meanwhile, Joseph Muscat is clearly in a position where he is showing us his disapproval of Robert Abela by successfully posing with his arms crossed over each other for the photo. Joseph Muscat may look like a dying corpse next to the younger bodybuilder, but he is still and definitely more popular than him by a large degree as their respective Facebook pages attest.

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